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Basques are the ultimate in sexy underwear. While you might have trouble getting your partner to don a pair of edible or see-through knickers, she’ll jump at the chance of wearing sexy corsets and basques. They’re flattering, they’re glamorous and they put curves in all the right places.

Basque Clothing

The amazing thing about basques is their versatility. You might think that a basque is always used as underwear, but it’s equally sexy as outerwear too. A dress with a basque-type top can be incredibly glamorous and gives a girl a lot of confidence. Basque clothing can be used for fancy dress costumes or eveningwear, from gothic to glam.

Basque Lingerie

The more popular way of wearing a basque is as lingerie. A basque goes particularly well with stockings and a suspender belt, or can look incredible with matching French knickers and bare legs. Basques are often worn as wedding-night lingerie, adding a touch of classic glamour and sexiness to the wedding dress.

The basque differs from the corset in that it offers less support and is generally more flimsy and flirty. It usually features lace or embroidery, and has a very girly look. Basques are normally held up by bra-type shoulder-straps, whereas a corset will push up from under the bust and won’t need straps to remain secure.

Basques and Corsets

Basques and corsets have been used for hundreds of years, employing boning and tight lacing techniques to give basque-wearing girls a beautiful hourglass figure, sometimes with a waist reduction of a few inches.

Corsets are body-shaping garments that are boned and close-fitting. They usually push the bust upwards (often with padding and underwire) and flatten the tummy, and are equally popular as underwear and outerwear. Basques and corsets as outerwear have become fashionable in recent years, with famous wearers including Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham (who wore a corset-style dress at her wedding).

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