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Knicker Types

There are five basic, everyday knicker types: French (which are hotpants-style with a horizontal lower hem, normally with lace, bows or frills), shorts (basic long-sided knickers), minis (the typical knicker shape, with sides around a couple of inches long), tangas (a full brief shape but with very thin sides) and thongs (the g-string shape, which doesn’t normally show under clothing).

But have you considered some of the more unusual lingerie available? Why not try mixing different styles and materials, or going for something a bit kinky?

Vintage Knickers

These can add a bit of Hollywood glamour to the bedroom, with sexy Marilyn Monroe-type lace, silk and satin. These tend to be full, modest briefs, but with lots of detailing – perhaps including bows, frills or ruffles.

Satin Knickers

Satin knickers have a glossy, smooth surface, perfect for both lingerie and bedding. It’s soft and slippery to the touch, and wearing satin knickers couldn’t be more comfortable.

The shiny material looks and feels luxurious but is usually cheaper than silk alternatives, as it is a combination of man-made fibres.

Silk Knickers

Silk is natural and beautiful, strong, long-lasting and expensive. Silk knickers shimmer and shine, with a smooth, soft texture. The material is generally sturdy and doesn’t stretch. If you’re buying knickers in silk or satin, look out for the care instructions and wash them carefully.

Nylon Knickers

Nylon knickers are often seen as the cheap option, but can be found in pretty, lacy designs. They are easy to wash and take care of, and can be worn as everyday knickers – not just on special occasions – but can be less comfortable than natural fibres such as cotton.

Leather Knickers or Rubber

The ultimate in fetish wear, rubber or leather knickers are perfect for fantasy role-play and as much naughtiness as your imagination allows.

Once you have decided upon what type of knickers you want don't forget that after wearing them consider your Knicker Care plans.