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Knickers the proud parent and original word for the English term for ladies undergarments. The English word knickers is exclusively a referral to ladies underwear.

As sexual liberation took hold knickers and panties have been set up as a cultural icon now associated with naughty sexual activities and a fun way of enjoying life.

Knickers have expanded over the years and now has a big family :PantiesThongs, g-strings briefs to name a few variants of female knickers. Big knickers, small knickers we all need them. As the expression goes if you get hit by a bus make sure you have a clean pair of knickers on.

Knickers - our selection.

knicker-sexy-hipster naughty black knickers pink naughty knickers knickers sexy black naughty lace knickers knickers white bow

Knickers come in a variety of materials and fabrics including satin knickers, silk knickers, pvc knickers, cotton knickers, nylon knickers, mesh knickers, lace knickers, rawhide knickers, leather knickers, latex knickers, lycra knickers, and polyester knickers.

"Enjoy the finest selection of the best knickers and panty brands throughout the world", states the fashion man, JT who knows that on every cat walk there will be knickers on display.

We are aiming to bring you a selection of Naughty Knickers very soon.

For those of you feeling angry, just remember donít get your knickers in a twist!

There are now invisible knickers, which come in a various skin colours designed to seem like you have no knickers on however they have a seam free look. There are no lines this will leave men thinking is she or isnít she wearing any knickers!

Supermodel Elle Macpherson is on the record as saying that she only wore white knickers when her boyfriend was around. In 2005 Elle delivered a collection of her own knicker designs in the whitesest lace to make white knickers that were sexy and comfortable.

Damaris Evans is famous for knickers, every year new knicker designs, from bow knickers to big pants Damaris has made the fashion world take note of new knicker collections since 2001 when she sent knickers to Madonna and Jennifer Lopez hoping the celebs would wear them. Worth a look www.damaris.co.uk.

The Belgrade born fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic has collaborated with our knicker specialist Damaris for a 2009 spring and summer collection of a special limited edition range of trendy underwear including knickers. To view and purchase visit Damaris web site from April onwards.

Knickers have to be sexy and comfortable unless edible in which case you shouldn't plan to keep them on for long. So naughty!

Want a new pair of knickers or buying them as a present let our knicker picker help you make that decision.

Pvc Knickers

Have you seen pvc knickers? Have you worn pvc knickers? Let us know your stories email us please see our contcat us page. We want your knicker stories and experiences, we want a pvc knicker story to tell.