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Naughty Knickers

Looking for naughty knickers? You’ve come to the right place – You’re So Naughty specialises in naughtiness! Whether it’s for a bit of fun, a joke present, or something you want to try out with your partner, we’ve got all the naughty knickers you could possibly want. The naughtiest of the lot are described below: transparent knickers, crotchless knickers, erotic knickers and edible knickers.

Transparent Knickers

Yes, these do exist! See-through or transparent knickers are the ultimate in naughty lingerie, making your partner look like she’s wearing no knickers at all, but still giving you something to tear off! The best of both worlds.

If you have a sexy clingy dress and want to dress to tease, then you could try some transparent knickers for the evening.

Crotchless Knickers

Sexy, alluring and exciting, crotchless knickers are a design classic. Get them in your favourite style and enjoy the freedom they offer. Team them with stockings, a suspender belt and knee-high boots for the ultimate in fetish wear.

Dress to tease with naughty crotchless knickers, if you and your partner both know what your wearing it can make for a fun packed day or evening.

Erotic Knickers

Erotic knickers come in all shapes, sizes and styles. A classic example of sexy erotic knickers would be a heart-shaped cut away area in nude silk lace at the back to showcase your bum cheeks.

Edible Knickers

The ultimate in naughty knickers, the perfect playful approach for those of you who feel really naughty before the real bedroom activity begins.

Edible knickers can actually be delicious and made from candy. These knickers can be made from the same candy that edible necklaces are made from. The naughty thing is to simply bite or suck the sweet candies off the knickers one at a time, slowly exposing your partner’s private parts. You never know when you may fancy a naughty nibble, so make sure you’re ready.

Knickers can be fun and not just borring underwear, so remember to be naughty and have a look with your partner at what type of naughty knickers you fancy wearing. You may want to consider some French Knickers.