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Panties come in all shapes, sizes and styles, of course, but it’s the material they’re made from that really makes the difference. The right choice or combination of materials can change an ordinary pair of panties from doom and gloom to va-va-voom!

Satin Panties

Satin is made from a combination of man-made materials, but satin panties have a luxurious look and feel that will make any woman feel feminine and sexy. This material has a shiny, almost slippery texture and must be well cared for as it’s delicate and snags and crumples easily. Satin panties are often embellished with lace at the edges, to give a soft and feminine touch.

Silk Panties

Silk is more hard-wearing than satin, but is often a lot more expensive! It’s worth it though - you will be able to see and feel the difference in quality. Silk panties are made from the cocoons of silkworms – all natural, and all luxury. The material is shiny, but not slippery like satin. It is strong and well-made, but needs to be handwashed or dry-cleaned only.

Lace Panties

Lace is a lot more delicate than satin and silk, and needs to be treated as such. Lace panties offer a soft and feminine charm, but have a habit of losing their shape after a while. Lacy finishing touches are also often added to silk or satin panties to give them a bit of detail, interest or a girly softness at the edges.

Cotton Panties

Cotton panties are usually made in basic, simplistic styles and are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. They are the most comfortable and hygienic type of panties, and cotton is often blended with stretchy material such as Lycra for extra comfort and flexibility. Because they’re so popular, cotton panties can be found in a massive variety of styles and colours, and are often embellished with embroidery or lace.

Panties for men are often called Briefs an essential part of any male underwear collection.